the squat- technique tip

The squat is a knee dominant exercise, meaning your knees are the main flexor in the movement. The squat is also a compound movement, recruiting many muscles in the body in order to perform it (abs, even!). Squats can be great for strengthening the muscles surrounding the knees and hips - when performed correctly.
Poor squat form can include heels coming off the ground, knees bowing in, excessive back arch (hyperextension), rounding the back (hyperflexion), or leaning too far forward.

Keeping knees behind the toes, sit down and back as though taking a seat into a chair and sitting back into the hips / eyes look forward and the chest is up / while knees track in the direction of toes, ensure knees don’t go over or in front of toes / weight is placed in the back of the foot as you sit down into the position and drive back up / ensure the back stays straight (even try having arms held out straight in front for further guidance) /when advancing to a squat jump, push from the back of the heel, flick hips forward at the top of the jump and ensure a soft landing onto the heels / ensure a soft landing by allowing the body to go straight down into the squat movement on reconnecting with the group, and alleviating impact on knees.