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the only thing i love more than helping women sparkle is hearing from all of you!

Here's just a few of the nice things that have landed in my inbox and made my day.

Lady Fong! I began your workouts while on a big trip round SE Asia with my husband and two littlies. So I have literally worked out with you in 5 different countries. It was so awesome being able to schedule in a decent workout while on the road. That was in August. I can’t quite imagine my exercise program without you now. My kids reference you in day to day conversation. We included burpees and jumping squats in their advent calendar challenges. You are an amazing role model to women and Mamas - and I’ve quite honestly never seen a human smash out a burpee in the way you do. I love being a part of the community you have built. The interruptions, the self doubt, the spilt milk (remember that?) just makes you so much more accessible. Thank you so much for all the energy you have given us. Kia kaha mana wahine toa.
— Moya

Thanks Lisa, what you do is amazing. You have helped me so much to start to find my sparkle again. Motherhood is the best thing ever but also so hard at times and move it mama has helped me cope with it so much. I love how real you are and find your attitude to life, exercise/food and family inspirational.
— Donna

You are such an inspiration Lisa & I just love your honesty! Thankyou, thanku, THANKYOU for making my life more sparkly.
— Jo

You’ve really changed the way I exercise and removed all the barriers by making it so easy! I LOVE your workouts. I love the variety, the regularity, the length, how real you are (I love it that your kids are running in and out and it really helps knowing you can’t be bothered sometimes either)! I love your focus on the sparkle rather than weight loss. You are such an inspiration.
— Sarah

Thanks so much Lisa for you kindness, inspiration and motivation. Your workouts and encourgement have made such a positive impact on my life. I feel very grateful to be a part of the Move it Mama movement, xxx.
— Susan