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the only thing i love more than helping women sparkle is hearing from all of you!

Here's just a few of the nice things that have landed in our inbox and made our day.

Leece, just need to tell you something...I’m having a bit of a low week. Just feeling a bit lonely etc etc you know when you have a baby and no family around blah blah... will get through it. The weather doesn’t help as been so bloody bad for soooooooo long so we can’t get outside much... BUT the one thing that helps me through the day is my workout with you and your sissy’s.

I believe it’s the only thing that’s kept me sane in this new mothering gig.

It really is amazing what you’ve done and how you’ve kept it affordable for mums who aren’t working. So thank you!

If you’re having a busy day today and lots of work on and feel a bit stressed, just know you’ve made mine and probably thousands of other mums days sooooo much better!! I LOVED my workout this morning.
— Anonymous

I’m LOVING the ethos and mindset of Move it Mama - so pleased I discovered you gals!  It’s like a tribe!

I’m trying to do 2-3 sessions a week.  My struggle is to keep gong for the full 20mins and not to give up after one set.  “It’ll make me feel better” is a good commitment goal. And thank you to all you Move it Mamas as you’re all so awesome - so real, vulnerable and honest which I just love.  And I love love love the mental/verbal encouragement you give in the video throughout the workouts (and in your email reply too!) - I have been a member of a gym for 1.5 years and I quit it... I just never felt good (except straight after the exercise...but it was always SUCH a mission to even get there, commit to something and then not have a ‘tribe’ I felt like I belonged in, even though I religiously went 2 times a week to classes.  So i’ve saved $23/week from gym (yay!) and now doing Move it Mama and a local Zumba class instead - far more my kinda fun and #sparkle :o)

I love that you’re all totally individual, sassy, smart, and foxy fun!  And you want the rest of us mamas to be that too.
Keep up the great work...and changing NZ (or the world?!) one mama at a time.
— Antonia

Just taking a moment to write to you and thank you from the bottom of my tired mama heart for introducing pregnancy workouts!! I gave birth to my fourth baby 4 weeks ago and doing MIM through my pregnancy has been an absolute game changer for me. I was exercising with you already 4/5 times a week when I got pregnant and I checked with my midwife and she encouraged me to keep exercising but to modify the moves and intensity to suit how I was feeling. And then hallelujah you introduced pregnancy workouts!! Perfect timing:) Ive struggled in my 20s with disordered eating and overexercising so my changing body and lack of ability to “go hard” in pregnancy has always been a challenge. But because your philosophy is not about weight or size I was able to just focus on the mental side of how exercise made me feel and enjoy being fit for me and the baby. I’m proud to say it was my fittest and healthiest pregnancy ever, and at 39 I felt in the best shape ever going into it thanks to MIM. I even worked out until the week before I delivered!! Just listening to my body and switching out moves (fast feet was my go to!) and dropping down the intensity and always checking with midwife that I was ok to continue. The benefits of your workouts are almost too many to list - but in particular I suffered from quite bad pre-partum anxiety and working out was the best remedy for me. Post-partum my recovery has been insanely good. I had to have a c-section for the first time and I was so scared of the recovery but it has honestly been great, something I put down to my level of fitness and strength going into it. I feel really strong and particularly through my core hooray!! And I know it’s not important in the grand scheme of things but I actually fit my old jeans already wooohoooo. So just know that what you are doing is amazing and Jess - thank you so much for being so positive and motivating and explaining everything and turning up and working out every week. Can’t wait to be cleared to exercise and do burpies with you lovelies again. All the love xxx
— Josey

Lady Fong! I began your workouts while on a big trip round SE Asia with my husband and two littlies. So I have literally worked out with you in 5 different countries. It was so awesome being able to schedule in a decent workout while on the road. That was in August. I can’t quite imagine my exercise program without you now. My kids reference you in day to day conversation. We included burpees and jumping squats in their advent calendar challenges. You are an amazing role model to women and Mamas - and I’ve quite honestly never seen a human smash out a burpee in the way you do. I love being a part of the community you have built. The interruptions, the self doubt, the spilt milk (remember that?) just makes you so much more accessible. Thank you so much for all the energy you have given us. Kia kaha mana wahine toa.
— Moya

Thanks Lisa, what you do is amazing. You have helped me so much to start to find my sparkle again. Motherhood is the best thing ever but also so hard at times and move it mama has helped me cope with it so much. I love how real you are and find your attitude to life, exercise/food and family inspirational.
— Donna

You are such an inspiration Lisa & I just love your honesty! Thankyou, thanku, THANKYOU for making my life more sparkly.
— Jo

You’ve really changed the way I exercise and removed all the barriers by making it so easy! I LOVE your workouts. I love the variety, the regularity, the length, how real you are (I love it that your kids are running in and out and it really helps knowing you can’t be bothered sometimes either)! I love your focus on the sparkle rather than weight loss. You are such an inspiration.
— Sarah

Thanks so much Lisa for you kindness, inspiration and motivation. Your workouts and encourgement have made such a positive impact on my life. I feel very grateful to be a part of the Move it Mama movement, xxx.
— Susan

I have NEVER been a part of any gym, sporting or athletic activity throughout my teenage, 20 somethings or adult years, UNTIL NOW. When I met Lisa it was love at first sight, an instant attraction to this bright, bubbly, confident beauty who struck up convo with me when I was 9 months pregnant at the local coffee cart. 18 months on I’m SO much stronger physically as well as mentally. I have more energy for the kids. I actually play at the playground instead of just sitting there! As well as the sparkle - that feeling of amazingness, its the lack of time I
have to spend on it that got me hooked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hard 20 but it truly is all it takes to set you up, lift that haze and take you full steam ahead into your day.
Move it Mama workouts have become a part of my lifestyle, I love that and I love you for it, GF #number1fan”
— Jess
I am loving the workouts! I have managed to do one almost every single day since I joined and they are the best part of my day. I love watching you ladies, you are so inspiring, and encouraging. Seeing Leece with her 4 gorgeous boys being able to do this makes it easier for me to make this work with only 2 kids.

You ladies have made an amazing business, you are wonderful and encouraging.

Much love to all of you, your families and your support team! xx
— Lisa