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i'm lisa.

I'm a mum of four young boys and wife to Dan. I'm also a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a niece, a granddaughter and a friend. (I am also a nurse, a doctor, a referee, a chef, a maid, a personal shopper, a counsellor, a nanny, an entertainer, a coach and a multi-tasking queen etc!)

But, most importantly, I am Lisa. I am me. The best version of me. The sparkly, happy me that I used to be. I'm back. Life can quite often suck the sparkle out of us. Things change, we change, we lose our sparkle. There was a time when I lost myself a bit. It all happened about when I had my first baby. I sort of just felt like I was a mum and that was all. 

This is how Move it Mama was born. I wanted to get my sparkle back, and once I'd found the secret (efficient exercise!) I wanted to share it with other women and mums that I knew.

I'd love to welcome you into my fitness family – 'the more the merrier' at Move it Mama!

let's get moving!