Jess is a qualified personal trainer, having run her PT business in Sydney until recently moving back to NZ. Jess is pregnant with her first born and hugely passionate about exercise and our mental health, as well as innovatively and safely exercising whilst pregnant. 

I’ve always loved being active. I grew up passionate about sport, playing all sorts, then began working at a gym part time while at uni. After uni I stopped playing club sport and swapped that for the gym. I loved body attack, body combat, and loved weights; I found a real sense of community in my Wellington gym.

At about 24, things started to turn. I hadn’t just fallen in love with the gym but had really become obsessed with it. I exercised because I was obsessed with my weight and trying to look like someone else. Thoughts of exercise and clean eating consumed me. I really battled with the deprivation and guilt the lifestyle I had created gave me. 

It took several years, but I soon realised: people didn’t care. I met my now husband; he loved me exactly how I was, everyone that knew me did. It became so obvious that the people who love us do not care for how we look, only for our health and happiness. 

Over the last 6 years I’ve found my balance. I exercise regularly and mostly eat well. I won’t beat myself up if I don’t, yet I understand and know how amazing doing so makes me feel, which in turn keeps me going. 

This whole experience is what led me to qualifying as a personal trainer in 2016, and to completing a pregnancy short-course in 2018. I really felt destined to help others. I want other people to find their balance too, in whatever shape or form that is. I’m extremely passionate in teaching people that a healthy life needn’t be consuming, arduous or unenjoyable. I want every person I meet to know how it feels to regularly exercise.

I’m currently pregnant with my first baby and the above has never been so important. I have a new-found appreciation for women; growing a human and what we are capable of is nothing short of miraculous and extraordinary. I’m beyond excited to teach the Move it Mama community through safe, efficient, simple and effective workouts.

I run a workout every Wednesday morning specialising in pregnancy and post-partum (also a great starting point for HIIT newbies while still modifiable for a harder workout!).

I hope to see you there,