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Sometimes we lose our sense of self, our identity and our sparkle.

move it mama

Move it Mama is here to bring your sparkle back. it is a place where women can come to feel encouraged and motivated. Move it Mama is for all women, not just mums.

Move it Mama provides online, efficient and effective HIIT (high intensity interval training) bodyweight only workout videos, all broadcast through Facebook Live. Move it Mama isn’t staged or rehearsed, only real and raw. You might even see a few kids being sent to ‘timeout’!

Move it Mama strives to show you that no matter what, with or without children, regular exercise is achievable and you can feel better as a result. Move it Mama’s focus is on the power of exercise on our mind and its ability to create a happier and healthier version of ourselves.

At Move it Mama, we know that globally, exercise is the most under-utilised drug in preventing and medicating mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Move it Mama aims not only to encourage and educate women on the benefits of exercise, but serve in breaking down the barriers preventing regular exercise, and in turn help women become brighter, happier and healthier.

Our goal is simple: to help women see, understand and believe how great a little bit of exercise can be. it’s realising that the feeling after exercise beats any other, and Move it Mama teaches and encourages you to make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle.

All you need is a small space and 20 minutes of your time, to become a happier, sparklier version of you!

Sparkle on!