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about us

Our goal is simple: to help women see, understand and believe how great a little bit of exercise can be. It’s realising that the feeling after exercise beats any other, and Move it Mama teaches and encourages you to make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle.


I'm a mum of four young boys and wife to Dan. I'm also a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a niece, a granddaughter and a friend. (I am also a nurse, a doctor, a referee, a chef, a maid, a personal shopper, a counsellor, a nanny, an entertainer, a coach and a multi-tasking queen etc!)

But, most importantly, I am Lisa. I am me. The best version of me. The sparkly, happy me that I used to be. I'm back. Life can quite often suck the sparkle out of us. Things change, we change, we lose our sparkle. There was a time when I lost myself a bit. It all happened about when I had my first baby. I sort of just felt like I was a mum and that was all. 

This is how Move it Mama was born. I wanted to get my sparkle back, and once I'd found the secret (efficient exercise!) I wanted to share it with other women and mums that I knew.

I'd love to welcome you into my fitness family – 'the more the merrier' at Move it Mama!

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Like my sisters, I’ve always loved being active. I grew up passionate about sport, then began working at a gym while at uni. After uni I stopped playing club sport and swapped that for the gym. I loved body attack, body combat, and loved weights; I found a real sense of community in my Welly-based gym.

At about 24, things started to turn. I hadn’t just fallen in love with the gym but had become obsessed with it. I exercised because I was obsessed with my weight and trying to look like someone else. Negative thoughts towards exercise and food consumed me. I really battled with the deprivation and guilt the lifestyle I had created gave me. 

Over the last 6 years I’ve found my balance. I exercise regularly and eat well (mostly). I won’t beat myself up if I don’t, yet I understand and know how amazing doing so makes me feel, which in turn keeps me going. 

This experience - particularly those difficult years - is what led me to qualifying as a personal trainer in 2016, and to completing further pregnancy exercise study in 2018. I feel destined to help others to find their balance too, in whatever shape or form that is. I’m extremely passionate in teaching people that a healthy life needn’t be consuming or arduous; I want every person I meet to know how great it feels to regularly exercise.

I’m beyond excited to teach the Move it Mama community through safe, efficient, simple and effective workouts. Join me every Wednesday at 7am for a lower impact, pregnancy friendly workout.

HI, i’M char

I’m Lisa’s youngest sister and twin sister to Jess (younger by 6 minutes!). My earliest memories involve sport, whether it was trying to beat Jess in cross country, bouncing a tennis ball on the way to school or learning how to spin a basketball on my finger. I was obsessed with sport and naively thought I’d make it to the Olympics! Alas, that wasn’t meant to be, but I’ve always purposely lead an active lifestyle so I can continue to reap the reward.  

To me, the number one benefit of keeping active is the flow on effect to our headspace. I’ve always been eager to take on physical challenges (Sydney Marathon, Cairns Half Ironman, cycling from Sydney to Melbourne) because I find motivation in goal setting. I genuinely believe I’ve achieved these physical milestones by building a strong mind through exercise.

After years of gym memberships, I’ve gone cold turkey; my only membership is with Move it Mama. I do 4-5 MIM sessions a week and combine this with the odd run or box in my garage, purely because I’m a sucker for the endorphins. It gives me so much joy to be so addicted to everything Move it Mama has to offer.

Whenever I get the opportunity to come off the bench and fill in for Leece, I jump at the chance! Despite the early starts and elbow grazes from too many commandoes, it gives me great joy to be able to help fellow MIM members to find and keep, their sparkle.

Join me 7am Saturdays to start your weekend off with a bang!