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Founder and Managing Director of Move it Mama.
Life can quite often suck the sparkle out of us. Things change, we change, stress happens and everything can be a bit hard. One thing I have found that has had a huge impact on my health and wellness is regular exercise. While raising my four little boys, twenty minutes of exercise was something that helped reinvigorate me and gave me confidence. This is how Move it Mama started – I wanted to share that with my friends. They tried it, believed me and jumped on board! Now we have a huge community working out together. My sisters are now taking workouts and also sharing their lives with you which is a dream come true – a business working with my sisters who are also my best friends.
Join me throughout the week – there are high intensity sessions and Back to Basics. You will learn how to regress the exercises to suit you AND you’ll feel happier!



Connections and Sparkle Officer and Personal Trainer

I have always loved being active. I am extremely passionate in teaching people that a healthy life doesn’t need to be consuming or arduous! I have just recently had my first baby and am loving helping the Move it Mama community live a happier life. I work part time and help with administration jobs as well as taking workouts!



Key Benchwarmer and The Punisher of the trio!

I am the younger sister of Leece and twin of Jess! To me, the number one benefit of keeping active is the flow on effect to our headspace. After years of gym memberships, I’ve gone cold turkey and my only membership is with Move it Mama! I am a sucker for endorphins and it gives me so much joy to help others feel the best they can about themselves.

WE WOULD LOVE you to join us, it’s just like one big family. X